Client Expectations

What can you expect if you hire the Law Offices of Anthony Rubino to handle your case?

Excellent Service

The Law Offices of Anthony Rubino only accepts a limited number of clients at one time. This allows Mr. Rubino to provide the necessary time and attention to detail that you as a client should expect from your attorney. Each case, whether it be fraud, drug trafficking, domestic violence or theft, is treated as seriously as if the client were facing life in prison. Taking shortcuts is simply unacceptable. If the Firm accepts your case then you may rest assured that Mr. Rubino will leave no stone unturned in the investigation, preparation and resolution of your case.

You hired Anthony Rubino = You get Anthony Rubino

Mr. Rubino personally handles each case that is retained by his firm. He will attend every court hearing and meeting. If it is helpful to your case, he will return to the crime scene to take photos, measurements, view evidence or interview potential defense witnesses. He will never send an investigator or paralegal. It is important that your lawyer knows every detail of your case and that is why Mr. Rubino will be present at every single stage.

What does the the Law Offices of Anthony Rubino expect from you?

Team Effort = Great Results

The Law Office of Anthony Rubino expects you to be actively involved in the defense of your case. Mr. Rubino expects his clients to attend meetings and crime scene investigations, return phone calls promptly and assist in the location of defense witnesses when necessary. With many years of criminal defense experience, Mr. Rubino has found that when a client is actively involved in their defense it works as a tremendous advantage.