Client Testimonial Disclaimer

These are testimonials of former clients and/or their families. All testimonials are provided for informational purposes only and are not to be considered as a promise or guarantee as to the outcome of your specific case. Each case contains different facts and circumstances. The facts and circumstances of your case will likely differ from the facts of the cases listed.

Anthony got my probation terminated immediately and I didn't have to pay another cent.  He is one of a rare breed of attorneys who actually care about their clients.  I think of him first as my attorney for life but also as a friend.

Thank you so much!

Anthony Rubino got my entire DUI case dismissed and even got my license back.  My traffic record is clear as if the arrest never even happened!

Thank you!

Anthony never let his guard down on my case and he truly left no stone unturned in his efforts.  I was very happy with the result that I obtained with his excellent service.  I would recommend him to anyone facing serious charges.

Mr. Rubino was able to handle my entire case without my even going to Court once!  I live outside the US and the benefit of having a knowledgeable attorney represent my interests without causing me worry was worth every dollar.  The costs that I saved in not having to appear in Court were significant.  Mr. Rubino obtained a complete dismissal of my charges.

Mr. Rubino's diligent efforts helped to expose an outright lie by my ex-husband.  He pushed and pushed and pushed until my ex finally cracked under his intense questioning.  Thanks to Mr. Rubino, I now have a clear record and an even clearer head.

Anthony, Thanks for all you help.  You never looked at me for my charges but instead you found a way around the charges.  A felony conviction would have killed my future and now I have a clean record.  I will refer anyone I know to you for as long as I live!

In my case, the police officer immediately jumped to a wrong conclusion and arrested me.  Mr. Rubino looked at the bigger picture and was able to show this to the D.A.  This resulted in my charges being dropped.

Great lawyer = great result.

My son was arrested after the officer literally made up the charges as she went along!  Mr. Rubino unraveled the lies by obtaining a surveillance video which unraveled everything!  Mr. Rubino's diligence and thoroughness gave my son a second chance!  🙂

I love RubinoLaw!  Anthony has gone to bat for me time and time again.  Every time I have had an issue that needed some attention he gets the job done.  I have had a few run-ins with the law and my record is crystal clear! #winning!

When you think of getting Justice, think of Attorney Anthony Rubino!  He's an attorney, that will be attentive, returning your calls in the same hour, the same day; when others get back to your case, its days!  He is a  top negotiator, he's your 110%, go-to-bat, for you, attorney,  Caring, sympathetic, will educate you as to how, why, when, what he is doing about your case.  While other attorneys, just tell you half-the-story, get your money, and then do an incomplete job, he does not.  If you want a personable attorney, he's our guy.

It was and will be a continued pleasure, to work with someone of his caliber.