Man charged with DUI in Austrailia for driving a motorized beer cooler

An Australian man, Christopher Ian Petrie, 23, was arrested and charged with DUI and Driving without a license for driving a motorized beer cooler in a beachside resort town on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in Australia.  The cooler was powered by a 50cc engine.

At his first hearing on the matter Petrie and his attorneys appeared before a magistrate and requested an adjournment of the case to allow them to research whether or not the cooler box could be considered as a motor vehicle.  The amused magistrate granted the request for adjournment but also inquired to Petrie about the cooler’s performance asking, “”How much beer can it hold?”  In response, Petrie told the magistrate that the cooler could hold “at least a couple of cartons.”

He will re-appear in court August 16.